Our company

TSR Meditex

We are a young dynamic company based in Thuringia, which manufactures textile remedies and innovative products.

We started in 1999 with the chest warmers for children. There are many products added due to the demand now also for adults. They are all carefully thought out and lovingly designed.

Each of our products has been developed and tested in collaboration with parents and physicians.

Our entire textile products are manufactured in our house by experienced seamstresses. This provides the ability to respond flexibly to their special requests.

All products are constantly being revised, tested and improved to meet the needs of our customers.


burp cloth second choice

We have the burp cloth denim size XL in the second choice in stock.


Strengthening the immune system with Ginger tea

Place in a large cup a few thin slices of ginger and some cane sugar. Add boiling water and 3 minutes later it can be drawn. Then add a few thin slices of lemon, and let it steep how you like it.


Breast hot - nose free!

In bronchitis, doctors recommend chest warmer with the membrane bag because its comforting warmth relieves pain and speeds healing.
The membrane bag allows you to inhale essential substances simultaneously without skin contact. You can find it at: "cough & colds & bronchitis"


Relief from itching caused by eczema

The theine contained in black tea relieves the itching for people who suffer from Neurodermitis. The affected areas are treated with cold black tea. Recommended are linen cloths, because they have a cooling effect.

linen cloths